You've Found It - Play Your Perfect Golf Game!

You're missing out on the easiest, pain-free way to play golf and you probably don't even know it!

Most golfers spend a lifetime searching for a “trick” or “secret” to hitting monster drives, or thousands of dollars on golf instruction that will “hopefully” cure their slice…

Things to STOP

Stop spending a fortune on new gadgets that will “magically” fix your swing.

Stop buying special golf clubs that miraculously hit the ball

Stop adopting a golf swing that only a 25-year-old can perform.

Stop looking for a “Cure Your Slice in Three Hours” gimmick.

Stop hitting thousands of golf balls expecting remarkable results

Things to START

Mindset – to play well you need to think well, think healthy, know the outcome of every shot. Prepare for the physiological demands of the golf game.

Start to stretch 60 minutes before you play. Try to be as limber and flexible as you can be so you get full extension and speed from your swing. Swing two clubs (your heaviest) and stretch,stretch and stretch!!

Know your course – know
each hole and what challenges to expect with each shot. Preparation = Fun

Train your mind and body to be calm, have focus and concentration and be able to get into your Zone instantly. Eliminate distractions.

Have Fun – if you get overwhelmed on the course, slow down, and don’t over analyze anything. Regain your focus, shut everything out and know your outcome, know your energy– this is what the Pros do..

Why is this game so hard?

Golf is regarded as one of the most difficult games to learn because ball striking consistently well is very difficult.  Golf takes a special blend of both physical and mental talents used at peak performance for several hours at a time. GolfersGel allows you to play at this level both physically and mentally almost instantly.


You’re at the first tee, you need to control your emotions because this is the drive that determines your game. You’re feeling really good today and only you know why, it’s your secret. As you address the ball calmness overtakes you, you swing. All your buddy could say was “WOW”, then there was a long silence because he knew something was different you weren’t the same golfer he played with last time.

Zen in a Bottle

This is the simplest game improver I’ve ever seen. I carry this small bottle of GolfersGel with me to the Golf Course, apply it to my back, my shoulders, arms and the back of my neck all about 15 minutes before tee time.  I feel younger and play better, it’s like Zen in a bottle.

I enjoy my entire game!

I’m a 55 year old golfer in pretty good shape. After using GolfersGel I walk the front 9 for the exercise and ride the cart on the back 9. Now I enjoy my entire game!

Competitive Edge

Most of the guys in my office are younger than me but when we play golf you’d never know it. I can drive as long , hit as straight but when it comes to those tough shots my focus and concentration is unmatched, I win every time. GolfersGel gives me that competitive edge.

I Play My Game

I never knew how good a golfer I was until I used GolfersGel. I had all the newest golf clubs, I’ve taken lessons and watched every golf video on the internet, heck I even used hypnosis but I’d hit a brick wall, my game wasn’t getting better. That was until my best friend gave me a sample of GolfersGel. With GolfersGel everything just makes sense. My game just sort of happens, I feel more control. Those small things that used to affect my game don’t, I can almost instantly get into my personal zone, it’s like playing alone with no distractions.  I’ve finally learned that it’s not the club that made the difference, GolfersGel allows me to play “MY GAME”.

It’s a Life Changer

I used to like playing golf whenever I had free time. Recently I found myself looking for reasons NOT to play when my buddies called. Then I realized that my small aches and pains were stopping me from enjoying an important part of my life. At my age I had all the same problems you’d expect any BabyBoomer to have, a pain here, a pain there and my eyesight wasn’t as good as it used to be. I was finally at a position financially where I could do what I wanted to do almost anytime and I wasn’t doing it.  Now I use GolfersGel everyday, I’m the guy calling my buddies to play golf.  GolfersGel is  a life changer for me.

This Stuff Works!

I work for myself in a physically demanding job. I have to do more work  with less and better than my competitors. When I get home after a long days work I’m completely drained with no extra energy. My very good friend gave me a bottle of GolfersGel, I apply it to my stiff hurting joints and almost instantly I feel better. No hype this stuff just works.

It’s like getting GolfersGel for Free

I’ve been using GolferGel for a little while now. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes on my play but I can tell you I lose fewer golf balls – so it’s like I get GolfersGel for free!!

Magic on the 18th at Pebble Beach



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